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About Us

Welcome to the website of the L team driving school. My name is Yahya, I’m a grade A driving instructor. I started the L team driving school in 2006. When I started my training to become an instructor I was asked by my trainer why I wanted to become a driving instructor & without needing to give it much thought I answered: “well I love teaching & I enjoy driving so why not combine the two?” & I’ve never looked back since!

I’ve been teaching on automatic & manual cars and have helped just over 500 students pass their exam.

Since 2006 we have helped & trained students to pass their driving test on the mean, hectic, demanding & volatile roads of London & amidst the ruthless & unforgiving motorists of the city of London! So suffice it to say we are more than equipped & qualified to help you pass your test on the more relaxed & quieter roads of bonnie Glasgow & amongst the much more tolerant & frankly better class of Glaswegian motorists!

In 2010 I opted to become ordit registered, which meant that I became qualified to train people to become driving instructors (as well as teaching learners.)

In 2014 my wife joined me on this venture & she too now is a fully qualified driving instructor. She tends to teach female students especially those for whom it’s important that they have a female driving instructor.

We have both been told that we are very much ‘people persons’ as we try our utmost best to be accommodating & fair with our students. After all, our students are humans just like us so it’s vital we don’t leave our humanity at home when it comes to business!

Have a browse through our website, we’ve tried our best to keep it simple & to the point, after all, nobody wants to read through an essay about driving instructing (not even us!) & if the L team is what you’re looking for then get in touch…

“The L team driving school…we pity the fool who doesn’t choose our school!”