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So you want to become a driving instructor?

Well why wouldn’t you! Here are a few advantages of the job

shutterstock_249639034 It’s VERY flexible. Choose the hours & days you want to work, choose when you want to go on holiday & choose the customers you want to teach! Now you wouldn’t have these choices in a regular boring job, would you?

Be your own boss: being a driving instructor is almost a headache free job! You make the decisions & you make them when you want! Have nobody to answer to! It Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

You can become self employed & do things the way YOU want, so the harder you work, the better you will do & the more money you will make!

Not every driving instructor is qualified to teach people how to become a driving instructor! They must have at one point or another been ORDIT REGISTERED. Luckily our instructors ARE! So you’re in safe hands!

These are the main 3 perks of the job. Interested? Then read on…


How do I become an instructor?

You need to have held a full UK manual license for at least 3 years in order to sit your qualifying exams. However you DON’T have to have held your license for 3 years for you to start training for your qualifying exams. You will also be CRB checked.

There are 3 qualifying exams:

Part 1

The theory & hazard perception (you have unlimited attempts at this). Once you pass the part 1 you have two years from that day to pass both of the remaining parts.

Part 2

Practical driving ability. (You have maximum 3 attempts to pass this exam).

Part 3

Ability to instruct (you have maximum 3 attempts to pass this exam).

How can we help?

Part 1

We find most people get through the part 1 by themselves but if needed we can provide help with this. However You won’t get through parts 2&3 on your own! This is where we come in!

Part 2

Our ORDIT REGISTERED instructor will train you how to drive to the high standard expected on the day of your exam. You are only allowed a maximum of 6 minor faults on the day & you only have a maximum of 3 attempts at the exam so we cant take any chances. We will take you over the exam routes the examiner is likely to take you on. Remember, we have been through this procedure ourselves so we know where the examiner is very likely to take you! It’s extremely helpful to know the routes & all the hotspots which can catch a lot of candidates out! We will practice the manoeuvres with you, often at the very spots you will be asked to carry them out on the exam! Once the big day nears we will ask a different L team instructor to take you for a mock exam under strict exam conditions so that we can see how you perform with a stranger. This will give us a true reflection of how you will do on the exam.

Part 3

Ok now, this is the last hurdle but the trickiest hurdle but fear not! We will guide you through every step of the way. In The part 3 exams, the examiner will assess how well you teach your student for an hours lesson & give you a grade at the end of the lesson. You must pass within 3 attempts and you will be qualified to be with The L Team!

Once every few years, you will be sent a date for a check test where a DSA examiner sits in the back of your car & observes you conduct a lesson to make sure your teaching is up to par.

Prices for instructor training:

Part 1 – £25/hour
Part 2 – £30/hour
Part 3 – £35/hour