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So what's the cost?

Our charges are set so they are fair for both you & us. We at The L Team understand nobody likes to spend too much money on anything, & nor do we! Like with everything, we try our best to keep things fair, after all when you choose us we’re a team & there’s no ‘I’ in team (especially in The L team!)

Pay as you go:

Manual – £30/hour
Automatic – £35/hour


Sound fair? Please note the following advantages too:

We don’t charge extra for evening and weekend lessons or exams (most driving schools do).

We don’t charge you for cancelling a lesson (most driving schools do).

We understand sometimes life gets in the way of things; we live in the same world as you! Its fine to sometimes cancel a lesson if something unexpected comes up or if you’re not feeling well.

All we ask is you let us know at least 8 hours before (not 48 hours like most driving schools! How can you possibly know you’re going to be ill or have an emergency 48 hours before!?) Lets be realistic!


Driving Lessons


  • Get experience from both of our drivers (Male & Female)
  • Our instructors speak Urdu & Punjabi as well as English



  • Includes one hour lesson beforehand
  • Remember to bring your provisional license.
  • Exam centres further away will cost extra.


Block bookings

Manual £135 for 5 hours – £27/hour
**SAVE £15**

Automatic £160 for 5 hours – £32/hour
**SAVE £15**