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Have a look at what our students have to say about us!

When I started my journey on learning how to drive, I had no prior experience of being in the drivers seat. I’m the first one from my household to learn how to drive. Yahya gave me the confidence to learn and had the patience to tolerate my mistakes and guide me to success. I even passed the first time round, which came as a shock to both of us!

– Robi

I started taking lessons with Yahya at around the end of September. Admittedly I did have some minor experience with driving a manual car before; I knew the basics of operating the car itself. However, even after the first lesson which only lasted an hour, it was like a new world was opened up to me. I started to gain confidence with busy road driving, and I still remember the first time I successfully didn’t stall the engine after queuing uphill.

Driving with Yahya was always a pleasure with helpful tips and ideas explained to me on the go – it wasn’t ever a simple instruction as to what I should or shouldn’t do; he always made me understand the reason behind the correct decisions. It was thanks to his excellence that I had passed on my first attempt at the end of December, and I am considering taking the PassPlus lessons shortly too.

Thank you ever so much!

– Rafal

Yahya is a very patient and reliable driving instructor. I have had a few instructors in the past who I felt gave up on me and didn’t understand why i kept failing my driving test. Yahya understood the problems and was able to give me advice on how to pass. I would strongly recommend him to family and friends.

– Desiree

Thank you Yahya, you deserve the praise because it was your methods that brought about my success so congratulations to you and I will definitely pass your details on to anyone that needs lessons. Thank you and God bless

– Bernard

Yahya is quite simply the finest instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. He puts you at ease and takes the time to understand your learning needs which really helps you improve your driving from the very first lesson. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

– Jeevan

I’m happy to say, that i took my driving lessons with the L team & I don’t regret it one bit! I passed on my very FIRST attempt! For BOTH Theory and Practical. :-)

Yahya made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, he made an effort to know my personality and thus adapted his teaching style to best suit me. Which I thought was very professional. We practiced really hard until I felt ready for the exam. When I was being hard on myself or kept making mistakes he was extremely encouraging which helped to keep me relaxed and at ease.

I’m so happy I used his driving school. I enjoyed my experience with this company. In fact I enjoyed it so much, I referred my mother, who also took lessons and passed.

This is evidence of great teaching skills linked with a creative and positive environment.

– Roxanne

The L team driving school was absolutely amazing experience in learning how to drive.. very kind, very friendly… and so much info about the roads and area when your learning. I passed my test and i’m very thankful.

– Sonia

I’m really happy my husband recommended me to take Driving Lessons from Yah-yah. I’ve been given excellent lessons.

Driving instructor was professional and friendly throughout and I passed the test in first attempt.

I highly recommend as he was very cooperative and professional.

– Divya

I just passed my driving test all thanks to the L team! Yahya was a terrific instructor, great conversationalist and a brilliant teacher. I enjoyed my lessons and felt at ease whilst driving. I can’t thank him enough for his time and patience.

– Rima

I passed FIRST TIME! Most of the credit has to go to Yahya. I had an instructor before but due to his punctuality and my lack of progress I decided to look elsewhere. Yahya is very punctual and his to the point teaching methods helped me improve my confidence on the road and eventually become a competent driver. I wholeheartedly recommend his service.

– Arfan

I passed my driving Test on my first attempt thanks to my instructor Yahya. He is so polite and patient! I remember I repeated the same mistakes again and again in the lesson but he was always very calm and corrected me very professionally and politely. Thanks for all his good advice which I followed in my test & passed! Thanks Yahya!

– Farhan

Yahya my instructor was brilliant! I had a few bad experiences with other driving instructors due to me learning a bit slower but he was so patient and understanding & never knocked my confidence like the others did. He adjusted to my hectic schedule as I was all over the place with work and other responsibilities. He was very understanding and is an outstanding teacher. I liked his teaching methods as he did things exactly how the examiners did on the actual exam which SO helped because when I did my exam I knew what to expect & passed 1st time!

– Ashley

I’m so glad that I have passed my test. Yahya made it easy for me. He taught me in a very friendly manner. He explained everything in detail & gave me enough time. He encouraged me all the time & helped me to pass!

– Suhaib

Having practised for approximately 10months, i am proud to say that I have finally passed my practical test with flying colours! It definitely was not easy and its the reason why you need to have a very good instructor. Yahya’s experience really has paid off, he is extremely patient and makes you feel at ease even if you are one of those people who find it difficult to grasp things easily.

He has made sure that i am 100% familiar with test routes to the extent that i know them off by heart! His mock exams have been extremely useful as it definitely increases your confidence during the actual exam. He is always able to answer any questions and go through things with you without making you feel stupid!

Finally, i am very pleased and glad to say that i took my lessons with him and will definitely recommend him to family members!

He’s not only a driving instructor but also a friend :)

– Meysa

I can’t believe i passed my exam first time!!! If it wasn’t for my instructor, Iram, i believe i would not have done so! So I DEFINITELY recommend her! Thanks, Iram!

– Firdousa

After failing my driving test numerous times I realized I needed to improve if I want to pass. I contacted my instructor online, Mr Yayhya. I was very pleased with my lessons. He is a great teacher with a lot of experience and patience. His methods were so great and helpful. I owe a great deal to him. He is number 1.

– Felix

I would definitely recommend Yahya. He made sure I was calm and relaxed. I passed first time with him. Definitely the best instructor I’ve had. Thank you, Yahya.

– Ahmed

I started learning to drive with Yahya after I had given up various times. Yahya was always very calm., patient, and offering ongoing encouragement. There were times I wanted to quit and Yahya always encouraged me to persevere and I eventually passed. Yahya was also very organised and kept track of what I needed to work on. Yahya is very knowledgeable and helped me understand how to improve in the areas I was less confident in. I can’t thank him enough for his positively and persistence and I doubt I wouldn’t pass without his help.

– Anne

– Garth

– Floria

– Nathan

Great Experience I recommend Yahya to anyone who needs a driving instructor, paid close attention to how I was driving and ways for me to improve, advised when I should book my test which leaves to me passing first time around.

– Farheen

Yahya was very helpful instructor who was very calm and understanding, informing me where my problems are and how to go about improving them. He is reliable and made driving a comfortable experience, allowing me to find the confidence to do well. Would definitely recommend.

– Saif

Yahya is a very patient and experienced instructor who recognises the needs of a student and addresses them in a clear and effective manner. He recognises when students are ready for their test and advises them to book their test (even before they realise they are ready). I highly recommend anyone, at any stage of their driving, to take lessons with him. You will not be disappointed.

– Rahul

My instructor – Yahya has been o tremendous support to me. His patience and calmness when n a lesson is quote impressive which I never experienced under my previous instructor, I would, therefore, recommend him to anyone who wants to enjoy driving lessons and pass well.

– Albert

If you’re going to learn how to drive, then make sure you learn with The L Team. Yahya was very professional and well equipped throughout my lessons and made my learning very enjoyable.

One of my main weaknesses was my lack of confidence, which Yahya installed without adding any pressure. I was very scared of roundabouts but was able to tackle them in no time thanks to Yahya’s approach.

I was calmly debriefed whenever I did anything wrong on the road and everything we practised during our lessons came up in my driving test.

Thank you to The L Team and a very big thank you to Yahya for getting me through something that I thought was impossible. I would recommend everyone that’s learning to drive to learn with The L Team. See you on the roads soon.

– Munvir